The change behind, and the change ahead of Saudi Arabia

Ever since the Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 was announced, there was and still an obvious place where change management should start

Ever since the Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 was announced, we, project and change management practitioners, and management consultants saw some real imminent change coming…

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Tourism in Saudi Arabia

A quick look at challenges facing the growth of tourism in saudi arabia and its embarrassingly frustrating obstacles

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Few years ago, Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, a former astronaut and president of the Saudi tourism commission, told The Times in an interview that the Kingdom is considering issuing tourist visas in “the near future.”

We all know how slow things move in Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan also argued that “When you want to invite people to your house, you want a house that is ready to receive them,” and I couldn’t agree more …

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Government Process Inefficiencies

A quick article about Government Process Inefficiencies in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia

The Government Process Inefficiencies Caused by Bad Enterprise Architecture

Through the years of working on multiple governmental processes, you would expect that governments in the region, specifically in Saudi Arabia, given the magnitude of investment made into its governmental process, can be seen as efficient.

But this, for multiple reasons, is not the case, and will not be the case in the foreseeable future.

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